• 1. Q: How many Toyota branches do you have?

    A: Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited owns Five (5) branches namely, Lusaka Toyota, Nangwenya Toyota, Copperbelt Toyota, Livingstone Toyota and Solwezi Toyota. Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited also have Authorized Service Centres in Kabwe, Kasama, Chipata and Mkushi.

  • 2. Q: Can I bring my Toyota vehicle for a service even if it wasn’t bought from Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited?

    A: Yes, if it is a Toyota brand. However, booking for a service is encouraged as it speeds up the process.

  • 3. Q: How often should I bring my Vehicle in for service?

    A: The manufacturer prescribed interval is every 5,000km

  • 4. Q: Can I only purchase new vehicles from Toyota?

    A: No, at Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited you can purchase demo units or quality used vehicles through our Automark department.

  • 5. Q: Can I Trade in my vehicle for the latest model even if I bought it from a different distributor?

    A: Unfortunately not, the trade in program only allows for vehicles not older than 5 years and officialy purchased through Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited.

  • 6. Q: Do you offer instalment payments for the purchase of vehicles?

    A: No. However, we are in partnership with financing houses such as Stanbic Bank, FNB, Investrust, ABSA and the Public Service Micro Finance, etc, for financing options.

  • 7. Q: How long would I wait for my new vehicle after placing and order?

    A: If your vehicles is in production there is a 3 to 6 month lead time from the point of production. However, if the stock is in country delivery can be done between 21 and 28 working days..

  • 8. Q: How long does it take for my vehicle to be serviced?

    A: This is depended on the model and the specific service interval. These times can vary between 1.5hrs* to 5hrs*. *These times do not include Reception, Cleaning and delivery of the vehicle.

  • 9. Q: Can I purchase a Toyota vehicle directly from the manufacturer?

    A: No. All retail transactions of Toyota vehicles are processed directly through Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited is the official distributor of new Toyota vehicles, Toyota Genuine Parts in Zambia and Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited is responsible for the warranty of these vehicles.

  • 10. Q: What is a Trade in appraisal?

    A: An appraisal is an evaluation of the condition of a vehicle, which represents the Distributor’s assessment of what the Distributor would be willing to pay for that vehicle. This offer to purchase may be dependent on your purchase of another vehicle from the Distributor.

  • 11. Q: Where can I purchase Genuine Toyota parts?

    A: Genuine Toyota parts and accessories can be purchased from any of our5 branches namely, Lusaka Toyota, Nangwenya Toyota, Copperbelt Toyota, Livingstone Toyota and Solwezi Toyota or Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited Authorized Service Centres in Kabwe, Kasama, Chipata and Mkushi.

  • 12. Q: Are Toyota Genuine parts competitive in price?

    A: We continually compare our pricing to other original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. Note: For more information on Toyota parts, please visit our branches countrywide. You can also call our telesales consultant on + 260971268005 or +26091268000.

  • 13. Q: What is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)? 

    A: Vehicle identification number is a unique codeused by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles.

  • 14. Q: Where can I locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on my vehicle?

    A: The VIN plate can be found in the engine compartment on older models, for newer nodels the VIN plate can be found on the left side B post. The B post area can be seen by opening the left front door of the vehicle.

  • 15. Q: What is the warranty coverage on Toyota vehicles? 

    A: Our warranty covers 3 years or 100,000 km whichever comes first. Warranty information can be found in the Warrnty booklet supplied with new vehicles. For additional Toyota Warranty information, please contact a Toyota branch near you.