However, we are excited that our focus will not only be to customers who previously bought from Toyota Zambia, but from other suppliers as well. Brands that will be considered for possible Trade-In are; Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Isuzu from authorised distributors in Zambia and Toyota South Africa. It is important to note that the vehicle age for consideration is seven (7) years for Toyota vehicles delivered by Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited and five (5) years to all the other brands and Toyota from South Africa.

To qualify, the customer must meet the following requirements:

  • One must own a Toyota model.
  • The vehicle must have a verifaible service history from the franchised dealer
  • The customers must be planning to replace the Traded-In vehicle immediately with a new one
  • Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited will carry out an evaluation before a Trade-In offer is made to the customer
  • Once the customer accepts the Trade-In value, the Customer must then proceed to make payment of the difference based on the quotation of a new vehicle.
  • First cost of evaluation will be taken up by Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited but if the evaluation expires and the Customer wants to carry out another evaluation then the customer will bear the cost.

The process of trade-in transaction has been made simple for customers to understand. The following are summerised steps to note on how the trade-in process will be conducted:

  1. Contact our sales consultants and communicate model of vehicle required to Trade-in
  2. Customer will then bring in the vehicle for eavlaution, by our Service Department.
  3. The evaluation will include an internal and externam valuation.
  4. An offer will be made based on the evaluation.
  5. Note :
  • ¬†that Trade-in cannot be done for Duty free vehicles. Customer shall have to pay or clear the duties with ZRA.
  • Trade-in cannot be done for vehicles under leasing or credit. Customer will have to discahrge all the liabiulities with the financial institution befor finalizing Trade-in deal.
  • Customer shall pay the amount from quotation and order acceptance, as a difference between New vehicle value and Residual value

Interested in the Trade-In program, contact us on 0971268000 for more information.

It’s about time to your vehicle is traded for a new one!