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Cfao Scoops 1st Prize: Motor Vehicle Company of the Year at the KITWE & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY 

We are excited to announce that we scooped the 1st Prize under the category of Motor Vehicle Company of the Year at the KITWE & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY annual awards gala. Bravo to team Kopala for their resilience in maintaining the crown, continued dedication and exceptional customer service delivery. The year 2023 has been nothing but good tidings.  We would like to take this unwavering opportunity to thank the organizers of the event for making the ceremony such a success.

Delighted Returning Customer

A satisfied customer always makes a return business visit. We thank you for being a loyal customer.

Meet our delighted Ms. Dora Moono Nyambe, the founder of Leaving Footprints of Hope. She decided to return and purchased the Toyota Hilux to be a utility vehicle to assist her run errands from Mukushi to Lusaka.  She expressed joy as she got into the vehicle saying, “the differential locking system, reverse camera, good cabin space, comfort and the infotainment is all I need. The Hilux is a practical vehicle and has a reputation of being durable and reliable. Toyota has marketed this vehicle well as; Reliable, Durable with Quality that is unbreakable”.

Congratulations to Ms Moono and wishing you safe drives and adventure!

Cfao at the 7 Nations Dressage

Cfao Motors Zambia Limited is a proud sponsor of the Dressage World Challenge & 7 Nations Dressage Challenge that took place at Lusaka Gymkhana Club, from the 3rd to 5th November 2023.

The event was graced by visiting International Judges; Mrs Suzanne Horne and Mrs Moya Truter who witnessed the horse/ rider combination, working in harmony, developing suppleness, flexibility, obedience and athleticism in order to perform special, carefully controlled movements as directed by the rider, which produced excellent tests and results. 

The aim of the FEI World Challenge series was to offer athletes who, under normal circumstances, could not take part in international competitions due to various unforeseen factors.  It is important to note that the FEI Dressage World Challenge also served as an educational purpose by linking the competition with the coaching.

The competition covered performance levels and two age groups (12-16 yrs; 16 yrs and older):

•  Intermediate I

•  Prix St. Georges

•  Senior II

•  Senior I

•  Youth

Below are details tabulated for clear understanding of the 7 NATIONS DRESSAGE CHALLENGE (7N) 


Test Name:  Final Placing:Rider:Horse Name:Final score %
PRIX ST-GEORGES1stLucy RufusKhalil61.985
SENIOR II CLASS1stMadelein ChampionBendigo Halt Pi56.970
SENIOR I CLASS1stJulie MatthewsRiven’s Drops of Jupiter63.833
SENIOR I CLASS2ndBarbara Keith WrightFenella’s Romeo61.227
SENIOR I CLASS3rdSamantha TettRiver Romance60.532
SENIOR I CLASS4thSamantha TettSecret Western59.954
SENIOR I CLASS5thKumari HolmesCrocodile Diamonds55.801
Test Name:Final Placing:Rider:Horse Name:Final score %
YOUTH CLASS1stMaia KarenJean Pol65.750
YOUTH CLASS2ndKarolina MitchellRooigras Safe Haven65.575
YOUTH CLASS3rdAnay MathurLady Jane63.925
YOUTH CLASS4thJasmine PhillipsHansell Banjo61.975
YOUTH CLASS5thEmmanuel MwaleMattox Eye57.550
YOUTH CLASS6thEmmanuel MwaleMisty52.575


Test Name:Final Placing:Rider:Horse Name:Final score %
ELEMENTARY ADULT1stVanessa GreatorexFlying Maverick61.757
PRELIMINARY ADULT1stMadelaine NicolleMiss Moneypenny67.672
PRELIMINARY ADULT2ndRachel HowardLafayette66.552
PRELIMINARY ADULT3rdSharpson BandaThe Midge63.103
PRELIMINARY ADULT4thChris NicolleUlasaba62.241
PRELIMINARY ADULT5thSamantha TettSecret Laird57.069
PRELIMINARY ADULT6thRika WilsonCallaho Gratina56.897
PRELIMINARY ADULT7thKumari HolmesSpartan56.466
PRELIMINARY ADULT8thNotulu MwendaBodenhausen Centaurus50.345
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR1stHadassa ShamamboTrigger68.103
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR2ndMaia KarenArgo Centaur66.810
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR3rdHollie ZietsmanTectonic62.586
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR4thMargaret MwaleBaas Zinger59.655
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR5thChloe KilpatrickRiven’s Quo Vadis58.362
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR6thMagdalena EhlersLadybird58.017
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR7thMargaret MwaleGolden Lass56.121
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR8thJordan BreytenbachLuyt’s Fire Fly54.483
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR9thTara DelotChillie Rose53.621
PRELIMINARY JUNIOR10thJordan BreytenbachAmor De Mi Vida51.724
PRELIMINARY CHILD1stLeilani Da Silva QuiriLulu58.621
PRELIMINARY CHILD2ndHugo MeabyKayleb56.638

Cfao Motors wishes to congratulate all the participants for their determination throughout the competition.

CFAO Motors 2023 Toyota Skills Contest

On Saturday the 11th of November 2023, CFAO Motors held a Vehicles Sales and After Sales National Skills Contest at Nangwenya Toyota branch in Lusaka, which was attended by members of staff drawn from Vehicles Sales, Parts, and Service departments across all the five branches. The skills competition provides an opportunity for members of staff or teams to compete against one another to demonstrate their skill, knowledge and service delivery techniques, using tasks derived from training, real life and industry-based scenarios. 

We are pleased to share with you that awards and prizes were offered to encourage participants and recognize their effort towards the spirit of continuous improvement through skills contest.

This also boosts the morale and productivity of participant thus motivates creativity, draws in and keeps top people, and further enhances overall corporate success.

Let us all take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate all participants during this year’s skills contest, above all a big Congratulations to winners. 

Winners are therefore encouraged to sharpen their skills as they prepare to represent Zambia in the next level of the competition which is the regional level in South Africa next year.

The list below has names of finalists and winners per category.    

Once again congratulations to the winners!

 Vehicle SalesService AdvisorsParts SalesParts Stores
1stEster NyoniKachinga SimwanzaNamantemba MukobolaMaambo NkhomaChing’ambu Chipawa
2nd Gloria LuhangaDaniel MiseloStephen ChisengaSamuel KanyengaJuma Ndekela
3rdRaymond SamulelaYobe MwanzaMonde SiwaleHarry SimubaliAlfred Chirambo
4th Alinedi DakaFredrick ChandaMasiliso NyambeJethro NyirongoJames Kunda
5thMaxwell ChapaAlbert PhiriMwaka MukelaNelly OsborneDerby Mushokabanji

CFAO Motors Zambia – Driving Positive Change through Corporate Social Responsibility

Cfao Motors Zambia is your ultimate Mobility solution provider. With a long-standing reputation as a trusted partner in the automotive industry, Cfao motors is committed to providing its customers with high quality vehicles and a comprehensive range of services to meet all automotive needs.  

At CFAO Motors we believe that driving change requires more than just a steering wheel – it takes communities and dedicated partners to accelerate positive transformation. As we reflect on our journey of supporting education and community growth through CSR initiatives, we want to acknowledge the crucial role our implementing partners, World Vision Zambia (WVZ), have played in making these projects a resounding success.

Our dedication to education, community development and improving the girl-child school completion rate has led us to support and uplift the futures of countless pupils across schools in various parts of Zambia. Together we’ve constructed more than just buildings, we’ve built pathways to quality education and a brighter future for countless boys and girls in vulnerable communities.

Ndaiwala Basic School Lundazi

Partnering with World Vision Zambia, we embarked on a mission to rehabilitate a classroom block and provide classroom libraries at Ndaiwala Primary School. The school had a high drop-out rate due to lack of infrastructure and limited classroom space and furniture. The handover was on the 23rd of May 2017.

    • A 26% increase in enrolments, from 451 to 568.

    • An increase in attendance rates from 26% to 78%.

    • Improved average pass rate for Grade 7 pupils from 52% to 72% and for Grade 9 from 16% to 83%.

The Ndaiwala Primary School project has been a success not only in the creation of conducive learning spaces but also elevating literacy levels through the provision of class library facilities.

Nyansowa Primary Kalumbila District

Our partnership jointly handed over a classroom block and desks at Nyansowa Primary School on 7th November 2017.

The school had inadequate classroom spaces, resulting in poor delivery of lessons due to overcrowding and limited contact hours with the teachers.

The improved learning environment has led to:

    • Increased enrolments from 280 to 440, with a significant increase in girls’ enrolments from 130 to 218.

    • 20% increase in attendance rate.

    • Improved Grade 7 pass rates from 40% to 80%.

Milando Primary School – Mungwi.

 On 23rd March 2021, we Jointly handed over a rehabilitated classroom block, a newly constructed classroom block and menstrual hygiene facility at Milando Primary School. The existing infrastructure was inadequate and in a state of disrepair and could not meet the needs of learners from the eight surrounding villages.

Following the upgrade, the school now provides a conducive learning environment for the pupils, especially the girl children, who now have a facility that supports their needs.

Since the handover the school has seen:

    • Increased enrolments from 499 to 865, with a head count of 432 boys and 433 girls.

    • The average pass rate at grade 7 improved from 87% to 100% for girls, while the newly introduced grade 9 class achieved a 90% pass rate in 2022.

    • Retention rates for pre and post teen girls increased from 87% to 95%.

    • 38 girls were readmitted into school after being retrieved from early marriages.

Further, the attendance rate for girls has improved with the provision of the ablution facility that was built to ensure that the girls have a conducive and sanitary space that will encourage them to stay in school during their monthly menstrual period.

Hippo Pool Community School – Chingola.

Our partnership jointly handed over a classroom block to the Hippo Pool Community on 7th April 2022. The school previously had inadequate infrastructure to support the desired number of learners and insufficient school furniture. The project targeted 400 children of school going age from the area around the Hippo Pool community.

Following the completion of the new classroom block, the children now have a conducive, safe, and dignified learning environment.

Since the handover:

    • The school has seen an increase in enrolments from 150 to 270 learners, with the girl’s enrolment numbers significantly improving from 85 to 146.

    • School attendance has improved from 60% to 75%.

    • With the introduction of more teachers, the school has witnessed a significant improvement in the learners reading abilities as 5 out of 10 children are now able to read whereas previously it was only 3 out of 10.

Kanchomba Secondary School – Pemba.

On September 7, 2023, in collaboration with ZANACO Bank Plc and World Vision Zambia, we proudly celebrated the successful completion and handover of a 1 x 3 classroom block and ablution facility to the Ministry of Education and the Kanchomba community. This initiative is set to impact the lives of countless learners, especially young girls and improve the girl-child school completion rates.

Central to our project is the construction of a modern ablution facility which represents more than bricks and motor; it signifies the promise of an uninterrupted education for girls in the community. Without access to clean and safe ablution facilities, girls often miss school during menstruation, leading to significant educational gaps. Our newly constructed classrooms and ablution facilities aim to break down these barriers, level the playing field and ensure that girls can comfortably attend school every day and successfully complete their secondary education regardless of their circumstances.                                                     

At CFAO Motors, we understand the importance of community and that it takes a village to raise a child. Through focusing specifically on girl-child school finishing rate, we shall realize the upliftment of women, reduction of girl-child marriages and a reduction of gender-based violence. Our commitment to education goes beyond these school projects as we are finalizing additional schools – it’s a promise to continue supporting initiatives that make a lasting difference toward our future.

To CFAO Customers, we Thank You for your support and allowing us to contribute to school development thus improving the lives of the future generations. We invite you to join us in celebrating the success stories of the schools we’ve partnered with and look forward to a future where education transforms lives.

Together, we are not just driving cars – we are driving change!

THANK YOU!                                                        

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) test drive

On the 3rd of November 2023, CFAO Motors Zambia held test drives on the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) which comprised of the Corolla Cross, Rav4 and Harrier. This event was held at the ZAF City Airport in Lusaka and commenced at 09:00hrs and ended at 16:00hrs.

The purpose of this test drive event was to inform and educate customers on how best to drive the best driving experience from the HEV’s.

Prior to going on the track, participants took part in a 30-minute discussion on what a Hybrid Electrical Vehicle is, how they work and why CFAO Motors has introduced them as a first step on the carbon neutral journey.

The test drives were divided into three sessions and three winners were selected in each session. The winners were picked based on who had optimized the use of the electric battery and thus used the least amount of fuel (Petrol) around the track.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle use two (2) sources of power, Petrol and Electric energy sources. They are self-charging through a process called Regenerative Braking System. Which is an energy recovery mechanism that slows down a moving vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be either used immediately or stored. If additional power is needed, or if the battery’s charge is too low, then the car will activate the internal combustion engine and consume Fuel as any normal vehicle.

We are excited to share those 9 winners were picked from each session based on how their fuel consumption was within the provided distance.

Having done these test drives, we are confident that the message will be shared concerning ways on how best to preserve the environment, using Hybrid Electric Vehicles as we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve our environment for the future generations to come.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the customers who came through and the Zambia Air Force for their hospitality.

CFAO Present at the 11th edition ZIMEC Conference

We are happy to be part of the 11th edition of the Zambia International Mining & Energy Conference (ZIMEC), which is taking place in Kitwe at Garden Court Hotel from 1st to 2nd November 2023.

The two-day conference is being held under the theme “Investing in Zambia, Mine to Market, Clean Energy and the Sustainable Development of Future Minerals.”

At Cfao Motors Zambia Limited we believe in sustainable mining and energy practices for a healthier greener and better future. Visit our stand where we are showcasing going green trajectory, mobility finance solutions for the best deals you have all been waiting for.  We trust and believe that our presence will aid contribute to Zambia’s development, not only from the mining and energy sectors but clean energy solutions.

Stay tuned for exciting insights about the products on offer and what is new from the world of Cfao at ZIMEC 2023.

Let us all shape a sustainable, clean and greener future.

The launch of Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) on the Zambian market.

Good news to our customers and prospects! 

We are proud to announce the launch of Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV): Corolla Cross 1.8 l HEV and RAV4 2.5 l HEV on the Zambian market. The event was held at the Music Club at East Park in Lusaka on the 19th of October 2023, which was attended by esteemed senior government officials, top management of private sector, other local and international VIPs and opinion makers marking it a significant milestone in the country’s automotive industry. 

The event was graced by Honorable Collins Njovu- Minister of Green Economy and Environment, who was our guest of honour, and was accompanied by the Minister for Water Development and Sanitation Hon Mike Mposha as they courteously assisted the unveiling of the Toyota Corolla Cross and Rav4 Hybrid Electric Vehicles with CFAO Motors senior management.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Dino Bianchi, the CEO of CFAO Motors, expressed his gratitude to the Zambian Government for providing a conducive business environment, and facilitating the introduction of HEVs in the country. Mr. Bianchi took the opportunity to appeal to the Government to consider reclassifying Hybrid Electric Vehicles to be the same as Electric Vehicles (EV) for tax purposes and lowering tax and customs duties to zero, facilitating greater affordability and accessibility for consumers. 

Our Guest of Honor, congratulated CFAO Motors Zambia for taking this significant step towards a more sustainable future by launching Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicles and assured CFAO Motors of government’s support, at it  recognizes the importance of the private sector’s contribution to achieving the nation’s environmental goals.

Cfao Scopes 1st Prize- 13th Lusaka Motor Show

Did you know that we have a sport known as the Dressage in Zambia? Oh yes, we do.

We are excited to have been one of the exhibitors at the just ended 13th Lusaka Motor Show, which took place from the 6th to 8th October 2023 at East Park Mall in Lusaka. Various vehicles were displayed with great deals on offer, from the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, Land Cruiser pick-up, RAV4, Hilux, Starlet, Urban Cruiser, Prado, Harrier and the Auris from the Automark section.

The award ceremony was graced by the Vice President of Zambia, Mrs W. K Mutale Nalumango, who handed over the 1st Prize Winner (Overall- Best Deals) to Mr. Nenad Predrevac – Chief Operating Officer of Cfao Motors Zambia Limited.

Our aim at this years’ show was to give the best deals to customers for their continuous support rendered to us.

This year’s Lusaka Motor Show was indeed a momentous one for we had several inquiries on the best deals and inquiries concerning the favorite Land Cruiser 300.

We are pleased to inform you that our team has dedicate this award to our customers and aim at providing the best service.

Cfao Motors (Zambia) Limited management and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of such a successful event and congratulate everyone who took part in this year’s show.

National Dressage Championships sponsored by Cfao Motors Zambia

Did you know that we have a sport known as the Dressage in Zambia? Oh yes, we do.

We are delighted to share that Cfao Motors Zambia Limited sponsored the National Dressage Championships that took place on 16th and 17th September 2023, which was held at Lazy J Ranch and Stables in Lusaka. Wondering what dressage is all about?

Dressage is a form of horse riding performed in exhibition and competition, as well as during an art festival which is sometimes pursued solely for the sake of mastery.

The word “dressage” comes from the French word “dresseur”, which means training, the sport involves showing off a horse’s training by performing a set of prescribed movements in front of an audience or a panel of judges.

In dressage, the rider and the horse are judged on how they carry out certain movements in a progressive course that gradually increases in complexity. The sport involves multiple levels of difficulty, that is from beginner (known as the training level) to the fourth level.

Dressage is all about the horse/ rider combination, working in harmony, developing suppleness, flexibility, obedience, and athleticism to perform special, carefully controlled movements as directed by the rider.

It was entertaining to watch both human and equestrian athletes take on the challenging course with speed, grace, and courage. At CFAO Motors we take pride in developing together with the communities we operate in hence giving back to society through various sports sponsorships like the just ended Zambia Limited sponsored the National Dressage Championships, which was a success. Congratulations to Racheal Howard with 80% as he highest score and Maddy Nicole conferred as the best turn out, Miss Moneypenny.

Cfao Motors Zambia Management and staff extends a big congratulations to all the participants for their resilience and commitment during the tournament.

It was all about two souls, one purpose!

Herewith the list of Champions and reserve Champions for each Class of close relationship between a horse and rider:

LafayetteHowardRachel  1
Count ExpressBanksKendall2
Argo CentaurKarenMaia 1
Riven’s Quo VadisKilpatrickChloe2
LuluDa Silva QuiririLeilani1
BobbyDa Silva QuiririLeilani2
It’s Murphy AgainAviMathur1
Zig ZagBanksKendall1
Crocodile DiamondsHolmesKumari2
Hansell’s BanjoPhillipsJasmine1
Rooigras Safe HavenMitchellKarolina2
Gorgeous GaryShannonVeronica1
Flying MaverickGreatorexVanessa2
Jean PolKarenMaia1
Lady JaneMathurAnay2
Bendigo Halt PiChampionMadelein1

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