Toyota donated cheque to the sisters of the Holy Spirit under the Catholic Church of Monze Diocese towards the ongoing classroom construction.

Toyota Zambia handed over a Cheque for Nine thousand Seven hundred Fifty six United States Dollars ($9,756.00) equivalent to Sixty thousand Zambian kwacha (K60, 000) to the sisters of the Holy Spirit under the Catholic Church of Monze Diocese towards the ongoing construction of the 3 x 1 classroom block for grades 3 and 4 at James Corboy School in Mazabuka. The aim of the Religious Sisters of the Holy Spirit is to offer quality education to the learners at the school in order to increase the productive life as adults who will contribute positively to the development of mother Zambia. 

In attendance during the Cheque presentation at the James Corboy School was the Superior General Sr. Mariana Bbalo of Catholic Diocese of Monze, Parents and Members of staff of James Corboy School, Members of staff from Toyota Zambia Ltd, The Parents Teachers association Chairman and members of the press. Mr. Gilbert Mfuya, Corporate Affairs Manager for Toyota Zambia mentioned how honored TZAM was to partner with the sisters of the Holy Spirit in the development of infrastructure at James Corboy School, in Mazabuka. The donation of $9,756.00 demonstrates the commitment TZAM has regarding corporate social responsibility. He stated that Toyota Zambian believes participating in this project will provide an opportunity for the underprivileged children to obtain a firm primary education foundation, which is a right for every child. Mr. Mfuya thanked the catholic diocese of Monze for its continued efforts for improved delivery of education and health services in the region as evidenced by the works of Sisters of the Holy Spirit. He ended by thanking the parents and local community for supporting this noble cause.

A the same event, Sr. Mariana Bbalo welcomed all who attended the ceremony and conveyed her sincere gratitude to Toyota Zambia for its faithfulness and generosity to help the school towards the construction of the grades 3 and 4 classroom block. Sr. Mariana assured Toyota Zambia that the monetary contribution would be used for the intended purpose and upon completion of the super structure a report would be submitted.