Risaburo Toyoda (born March 5, 1884) was a Japanese entrepreneur. He was the son-in-law of Toyota Industries Co., Ltd founder Sakichi Toyoda, and brother-in-law of Toyota Motor Corporation founder, Kiichiro Toyoda

Who was Risaburo Toyoda & Five Main Principles of Toyoda

He graduated from Hitotsubashi University (then Tokyo Koto ShogyoGakko). In 1939, he became the first president of the Toyota Motor Corporation. He died at the age of 68 in 1952.

Five Main Principles of Toyoda

  • Always be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to the Company and to the overall good.
  • Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times.
  • Always be practical and avoid frivolousness.
  • Always strive to build a homelike atmosphere at work that is warm and friendly.
  • Always have respect for spiritual matters, and remember to be grateful at all times.

The “Five Main Principles of Toyoda” are a written statement of the teaching of Sakichi Toyoda collected and arranged by Risaburo Toyoda and Kiichiro Toyoda. The Principles were first released on October 30, 1935, the fifth anniversary of Sakichi’s death. Since then, Five Main Principles of Toyoda have been handed down to every Toyota Group company and serve as conduct guidelines for all employees.

Reference: toyota-global.com