CFAO Mobility Zambia marked an important occasion today, the 26th of April 2024, with a ceremony held at the Toyota Cairo branch to observe Anzen Safety Day, which annually falls on April 28th. The event served as a platform for the organization to reinforce its commitment to safety across all operational domains.

During the ceremony, Mr. Nenad Predrevac, Chief Operating Officer, addressed management and staff underscoring the paramount importance of adhering to safety and health protocols in accordance with local laws and regulations. His remarks emphasized the organization’s steadfast dedication to upholding safety standards throughout its operations.

Throughout the ceremony, various aspects highlighting the significance of safety were shared. From the meticulous safety protocols implemented by technicians to ensure both vehicle and personal safety, to the strict adherence to traffic regulations on the road, and the conscientious use of computers and equipment in office environments, for every facet of the company’s work reflects its adherence to the ANZEN philosophy.

Following a morning of networking, employees and management from diverse departments actively engaged in the commemorative proceedings, reaffirming their commitment to prioritizing safety in their daily tasks. The collective act of signing the flag served as a powerful symbol of unity, demonstrating the organization’s unwavering dedication to upholding ANZEN principles in all spheres of its operations.

We want to assure our esteemed customers that CFAO Mobility takes a proactive approach towards ensuring the well-being of both employees and customers. Such initiatives serve as pivotal reminders of the importance of maintaining high safety standards in the workplace.