Cfao Motors Zambia is your ultimate Mobility solution provider. With a long-standing reputation as a trusted partner in the automotive industry, Cfao motors is committed to providing its customers with high quality vehicles and a comprehensive range of services to meet all automotive needs.  

At CFAO Motors we believe that driving change requires more than just a steering wheel – it takes communities and dedicated partners to accelerate positive transformation. As we reflect on our journey of supporting education and community growth through CSR initiatives, we want to acknowledge the crucial role our implementing partners, World Vision Zambia (WVZ), have played in making these projects a resounding success.

Our dedication to education, community development and improving the girl-child school completion rate has led us to support and uplift the futures of countless pupils across schools in various parts of Zambia. Together we’ve constructed more than just buildings, we’ve built pathways to quality education and a brighter future for countless boys and girls in vulnerable communities.

Ndaiwala Basic School Lundazi

Partnering with World Vision Zambia, we embarked on a mission to rehabilitate a classroom block and provide classroom libraries at Ndaiwala Primary School. The school had a high drop-out rate due to lack of infrastructure and limited classroom space and furniture. The handover was on the 23rd of May 2017.

    • A 26% increase in enrolments, from 451 to 568.

    • An increase in attendance rates from 26% to 78%.

    • Improved average pass rate for Grade 7 pupils from 52% to 72% and for Grade 9 from 16% to 83%.

The Ndaiwala Primary School project has been a success not only in the creation of conducive learning spaces but also elevating literacy levels through the provision of class library facilities.

Nyansowa Primary Kalumbila District

Our partnership jointly handed over a classroom block and desks at Nyansowa Primary School on 7th November 2017.

The school had inadequate classroom spaces, resulting in poor delivery of lessons due to overcrowding and limited contact hours with the teachers.

The improved learning environment has led to:

    • Increased enrolments from 280 to 440, with a significant increase in girls’ enrolments from 130 to 218.

    • 20% increase in attendance rate.

    • Improved Grade 7 pass rates from 40% to 80%.

Milando Primary School – Mungwi.

 On 23rd March 2021, we Jointly handed over a rehabilitated classroom block, a newly constructed classroom block and menstrual hygiene facility at Milando Primary School. The existing infrastructure was inadequate and in a state of disrepair and could not meet the needs of learners from the eight surrounding villages.

Following the upgrade, the school now provides a conducive learning environment for the pupils, especially the girl children, who now have a facility that supports their needs.

Since the handover the school has seen:

    • Increased enrolments from 499 to 865, with a head count of 432 boys and 433 girls.

    • The average pass rate at grade 7 improved from 87% to 100% for girls, while the newly introduced grade 9 class achieved a 90% pass rate in 2022.

    • Retention rates for pre and post teen girls increased from 87% to 95%.

    • 38 girls were readmitted into school after being retrieved from early marriages.

Further, the attendance rate for girls has improved with the provision of the ablution facility that was built to ensure that the girls have a conducive and sanitary space that will encourage them to stay in school during their monthly menstrual period.

Hippo Pool Community School – Chingola.

Our partnership jointly handed over a classroom block to the Hippo Pool Community on 7th April 2022. The school previously had inadequate infrastructure to support the desired number of learners and insufficient school furniture. The project targeted 400 children of school going age from the area around the Hippo Pool community.

Following the completion of the new classroom block, the children now have a conducive, safe, and dignified learning environment.

Since the handover:

    • The school has seen an increase in enrolments from 150 to 270 learners, with the girl’s enrolment numbers significantly improving from 85 to 146.

    • School attendance has improved from 60% to 75%.

    • With the introduction of more teachers, the school has witnessed a significant improvement in the learners reading abilities as 5 out of 10 children are now able to read whereas previously it was only 3 out of 10.

Kanchomba Secondary School – Pemba.

On September 7, 2023, in collaboration with ZANACO Bank Plc and World Vision Zambia, we proudly celebrated the successful completion and handover of a 1 x 3 classroom block and ablution facility to the Ministry of Education and the Kanchomba community. This initiative is set to impact the lives of countless learners, especially young girls and improve the girl-child school completion rates.

Central to our project is the construction of a modern ablution facility which represents more than bricks and motor; it signifies the promise of an uninterrupted education for girls in the community. Without access to clean and safe ablution facilities, girls often miss school during menstruation, leading to significant educational gaps. Our newly constructed classrooms and ablution facilities aim to break down these barriers, level the playing field and ensure that girls can comfortably attend school every day and successfully complete their secondary education regardless of their circumstances.                                                     

At CFAO Motors, we understand the importance of community and that it takes a village to raise a child. Through focusing specifically on girl-child school finishing rate, we shall realize the upliftment of women, reduction of girl-child marriages and a reduction of gender-based violence. Our commitment to education goes beyond these school projects as we are finalizing additional schools – it’s a promise to continue supporting initiatives that make a lasting difference toward our future.

To CFAO Customers, we Thank You for your support and allowing us to contribute to school development thus improving the lives of the future generations. We invite you to join us in celebrating the success stories of the schools we’ve partnered with and look forward to a future where education transforms lives.

Together, we are not just driving cars – we are driving change!