Toyota Zambia is always pleased to share different stories and articles from a customer perspective. Today we were graced by Professor D. Kunda who not only had emphasis on paying attention to detail but explained why he carefully opted to purchase the Toyota Hilux Double Cab with a Canopy.

Delighted Customer – Professor Douglas Kunda

“As a Professor, at Mulungushi University, I travel a lot to mentor, lecture and also for my own personal travel pursuit. Therefore, the need to purchase a Vehicle befitting the requirements and beneficial for various reason. So then, I researched (don’t ask me how- as he smiles) and decided to purchase the Hilux Double Cab with a Canopy. The Canopy will cover my items such as books etc; kept in the trailer for safety purposes to protect my items from weather conditions such as adverse sunlight or when its windy. My items will not only be hidden or rather covered up, but will not be damaged as well. 

When I saw the Canopy, I noticed the exceptional style and design which perfectly complements the Hilux. Look at how load capacity has been increased just by adding the Canopy. As you have noticed, aging comes with wisdom and I choose this very one to befit my age, not too fancy not to be seen as ‘excited’, however going for performance, efficiency and long term purposes such as accessing genuine parts and coming back for a service where experienced technical staff will work on my Vehicle,” he said. 

The Toyota Hilux engine is designed to keep noise levels down and efficiency up. In fact, the refined sound insulation can make a driver forget that they are driving a pick-up. Toyota will thrive to serve customers according to what they need and exceed their expectations.  Toyota Hilux comes in different forms- and this particular one with a CANOPY, exactly what the professor needed.

Toyota Zambia thanks Professor Kunda for choosing Toyota as his choice of brand and wish him many safe travels, as he continues being an expert in contributing with creating students/teachers of the highest rank, studying for a degree or a certification to improve their knowledge or career skills at large.

A Big Congratulations to Professor D. Kunda