Todays’ article is about Brand Admiration. Yes, admired brands that customers love, trust and respect; so much so that they feel some kind of personal connection to the brand even from afar.Delighted Customers – Brand Admiration

So what then is Brand admiration? Whan Park, Deborah J. MacInnis, and Andreas B simplified the term as unconditional love for a company -; interesting!

The emotional process that leads to a purchase of a new vehicle starts with a new development in the consumer’s self-image. That is, the buyers see themselves in a new way — as the owners of that new Vehicle which will befit the status in the community.

The more your brand allows, lures, and enriches prospects, arousing their positive emotions and building their trust, love, and respect, the more highly admired it will be and a thus turn a prospect into a customer. An admired brand offers the greatest opportunity for sustainable and profitable growth. A brand that is seen as lacking in even one of the above mentioned three components of brand admiration, will not be regarded as strongly admired. This is what we experienced from Mrs. Grace Kangongo, our delighted customer expressed and shared her ever existing concealed connection with Toyota Brand and in particular- the Fortuner.

“I have always had the love for Toyota as a Brand, with mixed feelings of admiration and envy. Each time I see someone driving the Fortuner I felt content because I had this imaginary thought of being the one behind the driver’s seat. It is amazing how easily I got so distracted each time I saw the Vehicle. The LED head lamps spoke volume to me, it was as if the Fortune’s eyes (headlamps) spoke to me in an undertone. The exterior styling is suitable for any environment – its strong. Let me also take this opportunity to inform you that the Video clip I saw on your Facebook page convinced me that indeed its pulling power is what we (looking at the husband) have always wanted. We have Children and so the space and safety features is an added benefit, she said”.

Well then benefits that entice customers stimulate their emotional senses which evidently enhance Brand Admirations. The brand’s benefits in this case The Toyota Fortuner left the prospect feeling gratified, engaged, entertained and validated convincing her to purchase the Vehicle and thus became a customer. The more the brand provides benefits, the more customers will come to love the brand.

Toyota Zambia congratulates Mrs. Grace for living her dream by not being in an imaginary seat behind the Fortuner but by living up to her Faith.

“When customers admire your brand, they will defend it, and tell the world about it”- Debbie MacInnis