Toyota Zambia congratulates Mr. Sakala for buying a Silver Toyota Rush – the only 7-seater SUV in its range. Yes, with 3 rows of seats that are designed for an active lifestyle.

Delighted New Customer

To our readers, kindly join us in congratulating our Delighted customer.

Product development strategy is the process of bringing a new innovation to customers from concept to testing through distribution. New product development strategies aim at improving existing products to invigorate or stimulate an existing market or create new products that the market seeks, was a theory created by Ans’off – 1957. With the current emerging issues in our environment, such as having a family or the need to buy a Vehicle which is spacious; it is paramount to pay close attention to customers’ needs and wants. This can only be achieved if a corporation has a strategy in place or implements theories which has been working for so many decades.

Toyota Zambia is among the few that aims at continuously improve/create new products in an existing market to satisfy customers’ ever changing needs. One of the pillars of Toyota Way is built on Continuous Improvement which is the Kaizen concept. The philosophy is a way of thinking which encourages and empowers everyone to identify where and how even small changes can be made to benefit the business, their team or their individual performance; which will evidently result in customer satisfaction. Product improvement is the process of making meaningful product changes that consequently generate new customers or increased benefits realized by existing customers. Indeed, the Toyota Zambia Way is all about initiatives or innovations continuously to exceed customers’ expectation and that’s how the RUSH was built – to be exclusively unique in the SUV range.

Asked Mr. Sakala what he liked the most about the Rush, “as a family man, I can only tell you that the safety features of 6 airbags surrounding the interior and vehicle stability control was the first thing that made me purchase this particular Vehicle. Not only is it stylish and spacious but the ground clearance of 220 mm enhances a solid driving performance, making me feel more relaxed that nothing will touch the suspension. ‘The RUSH rushed up my decision to go for it’ (smiling as he expressed his catch phrase)”, he said.