It is a well-known fact that the festive season is the booziest time of the year because not only do people want to relax and commemorate Christmas but also look forward to the new year.

Notably, there are no exceptions to the rule: If you have been drinking, do not drive. The effects of alcohol on your driving can include:

1. False sense of confidence
2. Increased tendency to take risks.
3. Reduced co-ordination and concentration.
4. Slower reaction times.
5. Impaired vision
6. Impaired perception of obstacles
7. Poor Judgment

These side effects put the driver, potential passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians at risk. Therefore, Cfao Motors (Zambia) Limited would like to remind customers to enjoy this festive season by responsively ensuring not to mix alcohol and driving.

Happy Festive Season, and wishing you safe rides.