On the 3rd of November 2023, CFAO Motors Zambia held test drives on the Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) which comprised of the Corolla Cross, Rav4 and Harrier. This event was held at the ZAF City Airport in Lusaka and commenced at 09:00hrs and ended at 16:00hrs.

The purpose of this test drive event was to inform and educate customers on how best to drive the best driving experience from the HEV’s.

Prior to going on the track, participants took part in a 30-minute discussion on what a Hybrid Electrical Vehicle is, how they work and why CFAO Motors has introduced them as a first step on the carbon neutral journey.

The test drives were divided into three sessions and three winners were selected in each session. The winners were picked based on who had optimized the use of the electric battery and thus used the least amount of fuel (Petrol) around the track.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle use two (2) sources of power, Petrol and Electric energy sources. They are self-charging through a process called Regenerative Braking System. Which is an energy recovery mechanism that slows down a moving vehicle by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be either used immediately or stored. If additional power is needed, or if the battery’s charge is too low, then the car will activate the internal combustion engine and consume Fuel as any normal vehicle.

We are excited to share those 9 winners were picked from each session based on how their fuel consumption was within the provided distance.

Having done these test drives, we are confident that the message will be shared concerning ways on how best to preserve the environment, using Hybrid Electric Vehicles as we continue to reduce our carbon footprint and help preserve our environment for the future generations to come.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the customers who came through and the Zambia Air Force for their hospitality.