Team Toyota Zambia experienced such an amazing moment when Ms. Betty Musamba from Mufulira purchased the Hilux Volcano and dedicated the Vehicle to her Mother.New Elated Customer Dedicates the Hilux Volcano to her Mother

Todays’ article is all about appreciating the love from a Mother. A Mother’s love is unconditional and eternal. When we say that nature is wise, one of the things that we refer to is the bond between Mothers and their children. Undeniably, a Mother’s instinct to protect and instruct children to walk in a way that is acceptable in any society to her offspring is unlimited. In turn off springs adhering to Mother’s guidelines tend to succeed in a more rewarding way.

Team Toyota Zambia experienced such an amazing moment when Ms. Betty Musamba from Mufulira purchased the Hilux Volcano and dedicated the Vehicle to her Mother. What an honourable yet spectacular gift to offer on Mother’s Day which fell on the 12th May 2019.  Ms. Musamba described the gesture as something she has always wanted to do for her Mother. Asked what prompted her to purchase this particular edition, this is what she had to say,

“The Volcano has erupted and given birth to this Manuel Transmission Hilux Edition, hence I believe the reason it is called Hilux Volcano. This Vehicle is Strong, stable unbeatable and erupts comfort in its own way even in difficult terrains. Just like the Volcano, under pressure the magma in the chamber can rise up the main vent which is the central tube through the volcano and comes out on top. We all know that the Volcano is a hole in Earth’s surface through which magma (called lava when it reaches Earth’s surface), hot gases, ash, and rock fragments escape from deep inside the earth and forces its way out. This Vehicle speaks volumes to me, I can relate! I have such an amazing Mother who has always been there for me, saw me through thick and thin, helped me realise that achievements don’t just come by default, it is through hard work. There was no point in time I felt lonely, for I had a pillar of a Mother, as you can see she is always by my side guiding and instruction me in ways I should walk and work even harder. Just like a Volcano I have erupted or what you might refer to as evolved and worked so hard and managed to present this special gift to My Dearest Mother from the bottom of my chamber – the heart.  I would not have been here purchasing this ‘Hilux Volcano’ had it not been for her consistent reminders of reaping comes only with hard work coupled with the unceasing love from a Mother. Mom, this is for you, spare your bicycle and ride with me into this Hilux Volcano for it is through you I have managed to purchase the Vehicle, lastly I give all the glory and thanks to God for giving me such a wonderful Mother”. 

Having heard such pleasing words from a customer who values her mother so much Toyota Staff member from Fleet team and Sales Manager joined the Sales consultant to congratulate Ms. Musamba for such a warm display of love towards her Mother.  “There is no LIMIT to what we women, can accomplish”. –  Michelle Obama

Once again a big Congratulations to Ms. Betty Musamba!