Toyota Zambia Would like you to join us in Congratulating Our New Excited Customer Mr. Orwell Akakulubelwa, for Purchasing Hilux 4 X 2 Manual Transmission.

New Excited Customer

Indeed, Customers trust referrals and are more likely to make an informed decision based on a recommendation from an existing Customer.

“I just love the Hilux, the ground clearance is what attracted me the most while fuel economy was an added benefit for my advantage, he said”. When asked how he got to make a decision to select Toyota as a Brand of choice, his response was fascinating. “I was referred to by my workmate because I drove in his Toyota Hilux, it was like test driving coupled with first-hand experience from your existing Customer. The one thing which has been outstanding is the fact that Toyota Zambia has improved and closed the gap of anxieties while waiting for the ordered Vehicle to arrive. The waiting process when you order a car from most dealerships can be tedious however, Toyota Zambia, through its tracking system has ensured that customers are updated with information at every point and stage until the Vehicle is ready for collection. The Toyota Zambia App reduced my anxiety as I was constantly receiving updates through notifications in real time. Honestly, I must commend you for constantly updating me with regards to the Vehicle status even though I admit I should have downloaded and registered the Toyota App earlier. The system is reassuring and made me feel valued, he said”.

Undeniably, Word of Mouth is a free form of advertising or promotion as it is triggered by an event the customer experiences. Word of Mouth is more effective than any other types of marketing communication tool, it is effective in creating new users and customers. Furthermore, referrals eliminate any doubt a prospect might have or perceive towards a corporation. Toyota Zambia will continue improving processes to enhance customer satisfaction levels with digital initiatives such as the Toyota Zambia Mobile App.

Once Again, congratulations to Orwell and wishing you plenty of Kilometres and Safe journeys in your new Vehicle across the country.