Corporations may develop Brand pride over a period of time in existence when customers leave them a positive review or feedback.

Returning Delighted Customer

That does not mean customers will return for another product especially with a Complex Product Life Cycle. It takes effort to earn customer’s trust and create a solid relationship in a business.

Toyota Zambia often thrives to direct its Corporate courtesy on attracting new and existing customers by strengthening their relationship marketing, fostered at creating customer loyalty through constant effective communication, which evidently has created Loyal Customers.

Today, Toyota Zambia was graced by Mr. F. Hara who expressed his positive emotional experience with the Previous Hilux he had purchased a couple of years ago. “I have come back simply because experience is the best teacher. I was and still am satisfied with all physical features and benefits I had from the Hilux. That Vehicle is just what I needed, at that time. Today I am a revived customer as I have purchased an upgraded Hilux with LED lights and Reverse Camera which I believe are safety features. If you ask me to explain more as to why I came for this particular one, my response will simply be the Downhill and Hill Start  Assist Control features, he said.”

With more than one empirical evidence, we can confidently say that relationship marketing yields forth customer loyalty!