This year Toyota Zambia will support Beit Cure Hospital with a Total of ZWM 100,000.Toyota Zambia Partners Continues to Partner with Beit Cure Hospital

August 31st 2016 was yet another special day for Beit Cure and Toyota Zambia Limited as Toyota Zambia reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the provision of quality Health care for the less privileged through partnerships with Health Care providers like Beit Cure.

Toyota Zambia Managing Director Mr. Dino Bianchi stated that this year Toyota Zambia will support Beit Cure Hospital with a Total of ZWM 100,000, payable in two instalments of ZMW50, 000 each and the initial payment for 2016 was made on 31.08.2016.

He further stated that Toyota Zambia and Beit Cure will explore more ways and means of supporting Beit Cure to access more support and funding so that more children can have access to quality medical care.

Mr. Maarten Caspari who is the Executive Director thanked Toyota Zambia for the generous support that Toyota has been giving to Beit Cure Hospital since its inception. “We appreciate the continued support from Toyota and I’m particular heartened from the discussions on ways we can partner together in the future” Mr. Caspari said. The Executive Director further said that it was because of the support and help from partners like Toyota Zambia that Beit Cure has continued to deliver quality health care and bring a lot of hope to kids who need it most.