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The Power of Progress - Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Owning a hybrid vehicle could bring about various benefits, that of having better fuel economy and reduced impact on the environment than a standard car with only a petrol or diesel motor. The batteries can be charged while driving through regenerative braking and there will be no need to plug the vehicle in to a power source.

Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited has highlighted two most important leading benefits.

Fuel Economy

The fuel economy offered by hybrids is one of the biggest reasons customers buy them. Hybrid vehicles manage to get approximately 50 Kilometers more per litre than traditional vehicles. In essence drivers will drive with a spend much less on gas each month.

Environmentally Friendly

Since Hybrid vehicles use less gas and create amazing low COZ emissions, they are environmentally friendly, which improves the health and well-being of people, animals, and plants at large, by letting everybody breathe cleaner air. They are also helping reduce the greenhouse gasses that are damaging the ozone, as well as reducing the world’s reliance on oil and other valuable natural resources.

Introducing the Cfao Mobility Zambia Limited’s new range of hybrid-electric vehicles models that elevate driving mobility:

RAV4 Hybrid
RAV4 Hybrid
Corolla Cross Hybrid

How do hybrid cars work?

Hybrid vehicles are a great way to reduce your environmental impact and save money on fuel. Hybrid vehicles use two or more power sources to propel the vehicle, such as an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. The electric motor can assist the engine during acceleration, or take over completely when the vehicle is cruising or braking.

The result is a smooth, efficient and enjoyable driving experience.

Refuel as usual
Refuelling a Hybrid car with fuel is a straightforward process. Simply refuel your self-charging Toyota Hybrid with petrol in the same manner you would at a standard petrol station for a conventional car.

Exceptional driving distance
Toyota Hybrid Electric models effortlessly blend petrol and electric power to enhance driving range and performance.

Toyota Hybrids recharge their batteries automatically during braking and coasting, eliminating the need to concern yourself with battery range, unlike Battery Electric vehicles.

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